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Compounding In Life 

Compounding in life - building upon previous successes or actions to achieve more extraordinary results or outcomes. It involves continuously reinvesting or reinventing oneself to improve and progress in various aspects of life. 

It is often associated with the "compound effect," a principle of reaping small from a series of small smart choices. 

"The Marathon Continues."

-Nipsey Hussle

Compounding in life is very important because we tend to feel like we need to rush and speed up the process of success. Success doesn't come by sprinting; it is a marathon. There are no shortcuts; you cannot rush the process; you can only prepare. Preparation is the key to success. How do you prepare? By compounding in life. 

Preparation reduces worry!

Establishing healthy habits that precede your growth is critical. Build habits and make a routine you stick to rigorously. The following steps are the start of compounding. 

I will speak from experience, which will later be detailed another time. I started this basketball season at 242 lbs (110kg), the heaviest I had ever been. I had been dealing with a lot, but when I signed with my new team, I knew I was going to need to lose weight and also change other behaviors in my life to be the best I needed to be. 

Slow and Steady wins the RACE!!!

I did not overbear myself; I focused on one task at a time. Tasking is a concept I picked up from my significant other. Even though I needed to handle many aspects of my life, basketball was my first priority. I needed to research, stick to a strict diet, and be consistent. No matter how hard it may have got, I had to stick to my commitment. The team needed me, and I wanted to be in the best shape I could be in to be there for the team. 

By sticking to my plan and compounding each day, I lost 22 lbs (10kg) in two months. 

My weight loss journey is just one of my experiences where compounding helped me tremendously. It is not easy, but as I said, THERE are NO SHORTCUTS. YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK. You can not cheat the work. You get in life what you put in.

Types of Compounding 

There are many types of compounding:  

  • Personal development and growth 

    • Behavior

    • Financially

    • Values 

  • Relationships and social connections 

    • Integrity 

    • Trustworthy

    • Being of value 

  • Health and wellness 

    • Mentally

    • Emotionally

    • Physically 

    • Spiritually 

If you've read this far in this blog, I want to encourage you to read the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It discusses the compound effect on finances and how people can apply this philosophy to their personal lives. This book inspired me to develop the philosophy of Compounding in Life.

“Small smart choices + consistency + consistency + time = radical difference”

-Darren Hardy

How do you strategize to maximize compounding in life? Have you set goals for your life? Are you intentional about them? Have you started developing positive habits and routines yet? Have you been investing in self-care and personal development? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they have the same mindset as you? 

Most of the time, we are in our way (in our heads). We're in our heads too much and have been programmed since we were kids. Certain behaviors and thoughts must learn to let go, and you must reprogram yourself. Everybody's influence is not good, and you must be able to distinguish between the two. 

We must first look inward when setting goals and intentions, developing positive habits and routines, investing in self-care and personal development, and cultivating strong relationships and connections. The easiest thing we can do is blame others for our shortcomings when, in reality, it is our fault. 

Here are some examples you may have experienced:

  • You stop believing in yourself because someone you told your goals to made you question if you were capable of accomplishing your goals.

  • You know precisely everything you need to do to succeed and accomplish what you desire, but you need more discipline and consistency.

  • You prioritize others' needs, putting them before your own. However, you can only help others when you help yourself first.  

  • You are the reflection of the company you keep around you. Our friends will be our friends, but when we want more for our lives, we must surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who inspire and encourage us to do more. 

The misconception about compounding in life is expecting immediate results, influenced by society, social media, and other's expectations. The truth is you find out your definition of success, and day by day, you work towards that and how compounding grants you more than you expected. 

Consistency is the ultimate way to success. You can only achieve something if you consistently work at your own pace (do not overwork yourself), but the most important factor is showing up every day. 

These small actions compound over time, and they will only allow more extraordinary and more significant things to happen.  

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