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PATRICK RICHARD: My biggest accomplishment probably was our success in the BCL.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

1. What’s up Pat? How you doing? How’s the family doing?

Wasup brother! All is good with man just heading to play with the national team at the moment. (Romania) the family is all good too. Kids growing very fast and enjoying the summer time along with the wife before having to head back.

2. Congratulations too, on signing a 3 year deal with U-BT Cluj. How do you feel about you signing for another 3 years after being with the club already for 3 years?

Thanks brother. And man i had to really think about the situation I have been in, how my family has gotta used to being there, and also the situation of the club. We have since I been there had so much success and I wanted to continue building on that. Being the captain of my team also played a major part in me returning. Had some other opportunities BUT I wanted to stay where I’ve been appreciated for who I am since day 1!

3.Since you have already have European experience playing in FIBA Eurocup and Basketball Champions League. Are you excited about competing in EuroCup this year with U-BT Cluj?

I’m very excited about us being in Eurocup this season. I’ve always just wanted a chance to play at the highest level possible so I can show what I personally can do. And also the way the club is getting love around europe from last seasons performance now it’s time to continue to build on that in a tougher competition.

4. Is U-BT Cluj the best fans you played for in your career? Because 10,000 fans one more win and you are in the Basketball Champions League Final Four. How was it playing in that environment for that type of game? And what can Eurocup teams to expect from U-Bt Cluj?

Without slighting any place else I’ve been I’d have to say UBT cluj fans are the best I’ve played for. Playing in that environment was an amazing experience. It was the biggest crowd in Romanian basketball history and I think even tho we loss we put the club and the country on the map across Europe! Hopefully we can get a sold out gym this season

Patrick, this year alone you accomplish many accolades:

⁃54-8 Overall Record

⁃Romanian Supercup Champion

⁃Romanian League Champion (Back to Back)

⁃Finals MVP

⁃BCL Most Clutch Player

⁃BCL Quarter Finalist

⁃All Romanian League 2nd Team

⁃All Domestic League

5. What is your biggest accomplishment this year? (Basketball or not basketball related)

This Past season was a very special one personally and also as a team as well. My biggest accomplishments probably were starting from the qualification rounds of champions league and helping lead my team to 1 win away from the final 4. That was very very big for our clubs first ever time being in the BCL.

6. What has the experience been playing for the Romanian National team?

Playing for the national team has been pretty interesting. I didn’t know what to expect going into it. Our team is very very young and I’m the old VET on the team lol BUT as Romanian basketball continues to grow the results will start to come. I just try to bring what I can do on top of my leadership to the table and I think that helps a lot.

Pat, what is some advice you can give us that you learn this year?


-Patrick Richard

Pat thank you bro for your time

Love Always Brother

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