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John Brown: I had to polish/slow down my game and up my basketball IQ

1. What’s up JB!? My brother how you and the family doing? And how you feeling right now mentally, physically, and emotionally?

RARE❤️ what it do BABY!!!!! Residue!!!! (Insider so spectators don’t trip)😂….ANYWAY! Everything good on my side brother. Happy Wife, Happy life and happy dog…….I don’t think nothing go with that but Huckleberry holding it down too! My personal well being is magnificent. Took some SLIGHT time off to regroup and relax. To let my Chi realign……. Namaste 🙏🏿😂. Physically I’m still recovering because playing 30 plus minutes in two league can take a toll. Mentally I’m always good! I control what I can and the things I cant, I let be.

2. Monaco, for the next three years? Why Monaco JB?

MAAAAAN! Have you seen that place!?! It’s magnificent all around. Great weather, great views AND that’s where they filmed my movie/documentary 007 Casino Royale😂(false! The movie had NOTHING TO DO WITH NOR ABOUT ME…please don’t sue). I’ve played there a few times in Euro Cup and Euroleague. Unfortunately due to Covid I didn’t get to experience the crowd during Euro Cup but we met in Euroleague and I fell in love.

3. From High Point University to setting a record for steals (66) in a EuroLeague season. You broke Manu Ginobili steal (65) record and you didn’t finish the season due to the war. How does that make you feel? What comes to mind?

It’s a bitter sweet emotion to be honest. I’m very happy to have accomplished such a goal that was held for so long by an NBA HOF. But if I had the opportunity to finish the season….then what could have been?! What comes to mind is that there is more work to be done!!

4. How do you feel about being considered EuroLeague’s Draymond Green after just playing one season in the EuroLeague?

Being considered the EuroLeague Draymond Green wasn’t a major thought AT FIRST! But looking into his history and playing style, I started thinking….this is not a bad comparison in terms of basketball. It’s actually a very high praise. He’s the engine and glue guy with a huge defensive presence for the Golden State Warriors. Which I’ve been told to have been the same for my previous teams. Now with a more in-depth perspective on it I am honored.

5. The transition from playing in Italy most of your career to playing in Russia. What was that like? And what adjustments you had to make?

Honestly from a basketball standpoint it wasn’t much of a change. There’s a variety of different playing styles around every league……But during that transition from Italy to Russia I had to polish/slow down my game and up my basketball IQ. Because you can’t go 1,000 mph well YOU CAN but without skill it looks weird hahah. I was more concerned about the wheather more than basketball 😂you can ask some of my previous teammates how many times I fell in those years. COUNTLESS!!!

John Brown Accomplishments

  • ELPA Newcomer

  • ELPA Best Defender

  • EuroLeague’s Draymond Green

  • Made It To The EuroLeague in 5 years

6. What is your biggest accomplishment this year? (Basketball or not basketball related)

My biggest accomplishment this year is that I’m still able to do what I LOVE! There are many people in this world that have lost the love of what made them happy. I know a lot of guys that I’ve played with who are not playing basketball right now. I know for a fact if their able to get a second chance they would take it no question! So everyday I’m about to practice, do individuals, lift weights, conditioning whatever it maybe be! I’ve made an accomplishment!

JB, could you give us some advice you learn this year?

"Control what you can and adjust to what you can't."

-John Brown III

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