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D. Miller - The Poet Reads to Cook Primary School

Dwight Miller "D. Miller" was born in Adel Memorial in Adel, Georgia. He was raised in Valdosta, Georgia, were he has been writing since he was 13 years old.

"Writing has always been my passion, writing a children's book with a twist on prospective allowing children and adults alike to share details on everyday life." said Miller.

Miller is a father of 5, gaining his motivation for his stories from his 7 year old as He continues to full-fill experiences through literature.

Miller wrote his first book "Millier's Nightlight," on February of 2021.

Miller recently went to Cook Primary School and read his book "Millier's Nightlight," to the pre-k and 2nd grade classes.

Check out the videos and pictures from D. miller day with the kids below.

Cook Primary Pre-K

Cook Primary 2nd Grade

Photo Gallery

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